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Pediatric Dentistry

Pediatric Dentistry for Overland Park and Leawood Kansas

Pediatric Dentistry at Lenz Family and Cosmetic Dentistry in Overland ParkDr. Matt Lenz is a strong proponent for Pediatric Dentistry. Your teeth need to last you a life time. It is best to start early with expert dental educaction, simple rules to follow to care for your teeth, and helping kids know their dentist is a trusted advisor whom they need to visit often to get the best dental results. Dr. Lenz has an easy going chair side manner. He is experienced with dealing with children in and out of the pediatric dental setting.Dr. Lenz and his team offer a family friendly setting, low stress and lot of attention paid to your children and their dental health.

Pediatric dentistry - it is about the kids

At Lenz Family and Cosmetic Dentistry, Dr. Matt Lenz knows kids- and kid's teeth. He has three children of his own.

Pediatric dentistry with Dr. Matt Lenz

  • Avoid using alarming words such as shot, hurt or poke which might lead to dental anxiety
  • Use soothing words or phrases such as 'the tooth goes to sleep'
  • To paraphrase Buick - 'This is not your father's dentist office' - the newest dental technology
  • Parents can stay and observe or relax in the lobby with a nice cup of coffee
  • Kids and parents have the option to have a television on during the procedure make kids comfortable and relaxed
  • Dr. Lenz uses a kid-friendly flouride treatment
    • Kids love it because there is no 30 minute wait time after the flouride treatment
    • Big smile are almost guaranteed with a Culver's custard coupon for a no cavities visit
    • Better compliance from the children on their dental visit when you tone down the stress with the ability to eat and drink afterwards

Pediatric dental take-aways for the kids

  • Brush your teeth at least twice daily and after sugary snacks
  • Dr. Matt lets you watch TV in the office during the visit
  • Dr. Matt knows how to talk to kids
  • You might not have to brush after a flouride treatment with Dr. Matt - but you do get a BIG SMILE

Dr. Matt Lenz offers Pediatric Dental Services for Overland Park, Leawood, Stanley, Olathe and the rest of Johnson County KS.

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